The Coffee

Coffee, more than a simple drink is a social rite, a daily pleasure that opens up to life; a passion all Neapolitan that has crossed the local borders conquering the whole world.


A good blend of coffee is the result of a very scrupulous choice of raw coffee. We select green coffee from plantations that can guarantee us quality, consistency and zero flaws. We also try to choose crops where we work with attention to the environment and where there is no exploitation of workers. Our choice is based on excellent origins such as Brazil, Central America, Columbia and India.


The raw coffee we buy is carefully checked on arrival. We take samples from the bags that arrive in the port of Naples for a tasting evaluation. Only raw coffee that conforms to our quality standards will be fed into the production process.


Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and also periodically carries out microbiological analyses on roasted coffee using the laboratory of analysis of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples.