more than


years of history

Our company was born in a small club in the Spanish neighborhoods of Naples. Here the founder Luigi Percuoco starts by himself creating the first blend of coffee simply following his intuition and his great passion for coffee.

The company moves to a larger site where new machines are installed for the packaging of coffee beans.

The production of vacuum-packed ground coffee in a bag and can begins.

The coffee blends are much appreciated by the bartenders of Naples
and of Campania obtaining a great diffusion on the territory.

The son of the founder, who will bring innovative ideas to the company, comes to work in the company.

Even the founder’s daughter begins to work alongside her father.

Installation of the new Probat roasting plant. This allows us to roast our blends with higher quality standards, while preserving the Neapolitan craftsmanship and tradition that has always distinguished us on the market.

The ground coffee line is sold in GDO.

A new, more modern machine for vacuum-packed ground coffee is purchased.

We start exporting our coffee blends abroad. Thanks to our quality and to the son-in-law of the founder who is joining our staff this year.

The first international awards for the quality of our blends are coming. The International Coffee tasting competition rewards with gold medal 3 of our blends.

Caffen becomes a member of the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano born to defend and promulgate the quality of espresso.

Production needs are increasing considerably by requiring a relocation to a larger production site.

Still comes a gold medal to our coffee blends. The quality awarded.

Stephen, grandson of the founder and then third generation, starts working in the company. His breath of youth and innovation is immediately noticeable.

The success of our coffee blends in Italy and abroad allows us to expand more and more.

A new gold medal for our coffee blends comes from the International Coffee tasting competition held in Taiwan, Asia.

Installation of a coffee pod packaging machine. This will allow us to be more competitive in the vending market without ever neglecting the quality of our blends.

Caffen academy is born, the school where courses and seminars on espresso are held to recognize a good blend through the sensory analysis of the product.

What has distinguished us in more than 60 years of activity is the constant quality of our coffee blends expertly roasted according to the ancient Neapolitan tradition. This has allowed us to establish ourselves more and more in Italy and abroad. Today, in fact, we export to 30 countries in the world.