Tasting a good espresso creates pleasure to the palate and also to the soul. But to prepare a good espresso is necessary the competence of the bartender and therefore the knowledge of the product.
For this reason, our company has organized training courses on coffee for some years now. The courses are mainly aimed at bartenders and all those working in the coffee sector but, of course, also to all those who want to know better everything that is behind an espresso cup.
Our courses are organized in collaboration with the International Coffee Tasters Institute founded in 1993 with the aim of developing and disseminating scientific methods for sensory evaluation of coffee.



It is a course that introduces to the world of coffee and teaches, through the learning of sensory analysis, to taste and recognize the quality of an espresso. During the course there is an alterbation of a theoretical part and a practical part of tasting. It ends with an examination test for those who wish to become tasters and obtain the Coffee Taster’s License.


It is a qualification course in which it is a question of how to reach the overall quality, for the maximum satisfaction of the consumer. Through sensorial analysis and practical tests of tasting, we study the variations that occur in Italian espresso and cappuccino with different uses of coffee machine and grinder.


It is a seminar that provides participants with the minimum skills to distinguish and appreciate true Italian espresso. The seminar is structured in a theoretical part and a practical part of tasting.